About Lois

Lois Deem Profile PicHello, my name is Lois Deem. Until recently I have never considered running for any political position; but as a long-time conservative Republican, I am frustrated with the direction of our party and those we have elected to office.

The “2012 Republican Platform” is an incredible document. It reflects my values—a belief in a constitutional republic, a balanced budget, good schools, safe neighborhoods, free enterprise, economic freedom, individual’s rights, faith and family values, and more.  Republican leaders profess their support for these values, but consistently renege on their promises when they hold office.

I pledge to uphold the “2012 Republican Platform” both as a model for the Ohio Republican Party and the Central Committee, and to endorse only those Republican candidates who commit to it.

I love Ohio, I am proud to be an American, and I am asking for your vote on May 6th.

Thank you,

Lois Deem